Minggu, 01 September 2013

Thanks God for August

goodbye August, first statement maybe to say in this early September.
there's so many things I've done in August.
Happiness, sadness, and gambling moment.

awal Augustus, awal liburan selesai Semester Pendek. I didn't go home to Tebing Tinggi. yey, Stay here in Inderalaya . waiting for new students in UNSRI.

17th August, It's Independence Day.
it's 7th month with Ruben too. have a dinner, chatting about the next journey with him.
acc, we had a fasting time to have a prayer on it 1 week before 17th August.
He did it well, but me -_-, yeah you know it, i didn't .

then, there're so many project i did.
It's HDPN event, Hari Doa Puasa Nasional. thanks God it held well :)
event ini mengajak seluruh umat Tuhan khususnya Palembang untuk bersama sama berpuasa dan berdoa untuk Indonesia, Suku-suku, and Palembang.
it's cool right, when you pray for many people.
saya mendapat bagian untuk mengatur acara dan susunan doa untuk suku-suku Indonesia,
there're many benefit i got acctually, i knew that Indonesia had so many ethnic group. i got mad to mention allof these, but thanks God I've done it well :)

the last month in August, i was waiting for Beswan Djarum announcement.
31th August, but God has the best plan for me.
there're many lessons,
bersyukur, rendah hati, bersandar ke Tuhan, keep praying, dan terus berbuat baik dgn hati yg iklas untuk orang-orang sekitar.

That's all I've done in August :) 
New Hope, New Spirit, and New Month in September.
byeeee........ August. see you next year in new stories in it.
thanks God for all Your Blessing

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