Saturday, June 8, 2019

M.Sc !

It's been 5 months since I was officially graduated from National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU), Taiwan. I did my study as a Food science master student for 2 years, started from February 2017.

Fenny Crista Anastasia Panjaitan, M.Sc

Honestly, I did not expect that I would come to this school for doing master. I also wondered why I finally joined this school, even finished my study and got my M.Sc degree. I think that is God's plan.

Back to the end of 2016, I submitted my master application into three universities. They were Wageningen university in Netherlands,  National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) and National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) in Taiwan. All those universities accepted me and gave me scholarship, except Wageningen university. At that time, I planned to register myself for LPDP scholarship so I could go for Wageningen as I received the letter of acceptance (LOA) in Food technology department. Unfortunately, LPDP would open the registration 6 months after. It means that I had to delay one semester of study. Besides, there was a possibility I would not get the scholarship. On the other hand, I could start studying in NCKU or NTOU right away with a full ride.

It was not easy at all to finally make a decision to choose NTOU. I considered many things like hundreeeedddd things as I am a thinker xoxo. That situation was similar to the moment when I had to decide for my bachelor study. I had no idea why I went to UNSRI, but in the end I knew the reason. Something that I might not get if I was in another university, a transformation from darkness to lightness.

I could understand that everything happens for a reason like many people said.
But I believe that everything happens according to God's plan.

So far, I feel blessed here. I have good friends, a good community in church, excellent advisor and teachers, friendly lab-mates, and super pretty scenery around school as it is near to ocean.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight.

with food science students

with Indonesian students from spring batch


Saturday, June 1, 2019

Playing with Manggaurong kids (2)

I still wanna talk about Myanmar.
It is a long story, I have told you, right?! haha

This post will share you our mission activities with Manggaurong kids. We spent 6 days for teaching and playing with them.

Day 1.

We just arrived there in the morning with a heavy rain. They prepared us a special bed room which was a library before. So, all lady members stayed there during this activity, except Aunty Ping and Sofania, they were in another room since this library a.k.a bed room was not that large to keep all ladies inside. All boys, they stayed outside which was on the opposite of this area. All things were so good and calm. I could listen to mooo, miaw, chick chick, kukuruyuk, guk guk, wek wek sounds daily (you can try to guess what animals they are).

So, let me show you some pictures where we stayed.

Zhong Hui and the building where some kids slept and we stayed inside the white-pink color room

The library a.k.a the new bed room

The church, we had our prayer meeting with local people every night 

Inside the church with some kids played there

Our breakfast, lunch and dinner area but also other activity area

Outside of church area, boys stayed here

Day 2-4.

We started our activities. It was Saturday. Actually, we were kinda afraid of raining day for we could not do our outside activities. As you know, it was raining all day on the the first day we came to Myanmar. Thank God, that day was not raining, It was bright with drizzle for a moment in the morning but we still could do our morning exercise with kids.

Doing morning exercise to shake body before class

Children were divided into several grades. My friends and I were in charge of teaching grade 5 to 6. We taught them about simple conversation in English, geography, basic biology, personal hygiene and an English song. It was so tired at the first day. I could feel that they were shy so I had to be so active to make them be a little overt. We started with small introduction and asked them a common question "what they wanna be".

Trying to build a conversation with my student (Pardon my silly face. Anw, I love his smile)

Teaching them simple English (I don't know why I could not close my mouth)

Learning basic conversation in English 

All these boys were my students

I will also show you some pictures from other classes.

All the pictures make me feel that I miss the moment I spent with them.

Day 5.

We mixed all the students into several groups because we were going to have competitions. They were so energetic and active. Even though I felt exhausted but I could say that it was super fun to play with them. We were laughing, yelling to encourage our teammate and singing together. 

At night, it was time to say goodbye to everyone. That was a sad night.

Saying goodbye

Stickers on our faces. Things that we gave them, they shared it with us.

My student gave me a folding paper flower

Love letter from my students

Day 6.

We packed our things because we had to leave the village after lunch. As I remembered, all students had to go to school so we could not spend our morning before going back to the city with them. But, during the class break, students came to visit us and to say goodbye one more time. They came from their school and brought us biscuits. Actually, those biscuits were given to them and they shared it with us. As I have told you, they always shared things that they have to us. They showed us what the LOVE is. Love is sharing, right?

They cried and said why we had to go back. This question was not simple to answer because they knew what it felt to be separated with someone they felt comfortable with. Many of them do not have parents anymore. They live alone. Even some of them have to take care of their little brothers and sisters in their very young age. I still could not imagine that. 

There was a day they sang for us. Even though I do not understand the language. I enjoy it every time I listen to it.

I am blessed to have this experience, to enjoy time with them and to learn love from them.
I hope they are good in whatever they do.

Miss them <3

Photo credits : Zhong Hui