Selasa, 20 Agustus 2013

DIY : Simple birthday cake

is it a birthday cake?
i don't know what do you think about it haha
but i can imagine that it is a birthday cake, why not?
there are birthday candles and it's written 'happy b'day' on it.

just simple,
you can do it by yourself.

what is needed?
1. Wide sweet bread
2. chacha milk chocolate
3. choki choki chocolate paste
4. small candles

firstly, put the wide bread on a plate. you can write 'happy birthday' on it with some additon may be.
garnish it with chacha on and around the bread, so it looks colorfull.
add candles but not too crowded.
taraaaaaa ........... IT IS A BIRTHDAY CAKE.

it is simple, cute (may be), and impressively.

oiya, FYI aja.
kue ini kue ulang tahun yang aku kasih buat pacar aku di bulan Maret kemaren hihii..

Senin, 19 Agustus 2013

5th Semester !!

Welcome 5th Semester
Busy, crowd, and huffff ..........

24 credit, i will face.
i can imagine that it will be full of reports. Keep fighting on it and keep healthy ^^

Sabtu, 17 Agustus 2013

7 months in 17th August

Seven is a number after five and before six.
Most of people called it a perfect number, i hope so haha

Seven reasons why I should thanks for that day are :
1. thanks God for Indonesia long life in this world
2. thanks God for Ruben is with me till now
3. thanks God for Indonesian's social welfare
4. thanks God for still being loved by Ruben
5. thanks God for being given birth in this motherland
6. thanks God for having such excited moments with Ruben along
7. thanks God for HIS kindness still bless Indonesia, Ruben, and I

Begitu banyak doa yang akan dipanjatkan, begitu banyak harapan yang digantungkan.