Minggu, 15 Juli 2012

Pagar Alam, yayy

Welcome to Pagar Alam, a beautiful place that refresh your mind directly.

This place is surrounded by Bukit Barisan that's way it is called Pagar Alam (in Indonesian : Kota yang dikelilingi oleh Alam yaitu Bukit Barisan)

It is my first journey around Palembang
Some say Pagar Alam has a cold temperature so I prepared all things completely.

in Pagar Alam, you can enjoy tea garden, really wide as wide as you can see (cc: Hando Manuel Siagian)

there is a huge mountain too, called Dempo Mountain (cc: Devita Ayu Pasaribu, Ecy M. Damanik, Ediamit Malau, Imfrantoni Purba, Ivan P. Ginting)

miss this place so much
Next coming (if) hope that i will go hiking for Dempo Mountain *praying*

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